(020315e) 99.9% Perfect Fossil Shark Tooth


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(020315e) 99.9% Perfect Fossil Shark Tooth

  • Tooth Length 4&1/8 inches !!!!
  • Name: Carcharocles megalodon
  • Age: Miocene Epoch
  • Formation: Yorktown
  • Location: Aurora, North Carolina
  • This location known as “Lee Creek phosphate mine ” is the site of some of the finest Megalodon Shark Teeth ever found.
    Unfortunately this location has been closed to collecting for many years and is expected to remain so.

    Any teeth from this site are ones found many years ago and now reside in private collections, or they are the
    very small ones that are found in dirt piles brought out for the annual festival.

  • Because of the issues above, the prices on these teeth will be substantially higher than any other shark teeth.
  • These are true “Collector” teeth and are considered investments
  • This tooth is from an old collection and is one the finest ever found there
  • Specifics:

    Full tooth -Yes

    Serrations – Excellent

    Damage – Small chip on one side

    Tip – Perfect – very slight chip

  • Bourlette – (Chevron area between root and enamel) Excellent

    Excellent Specimen 10++++**** $1360.00

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