(103015d) Midas Touch Trilobites


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(103015d) Midas Touch Trilobites

Golden tinted trilobites that are incredibly beautiful with their details clearly visible due to the golden surface.

Name: Elrathia kingi                                                                                                                                                                                         

Age: Cambrian 500 Million yrs

    Location: Delta, Utah – USA

  • These are trilobites we personally collected in Utah.
  • While we were experimenting with some different cleaning techniques, an amazing thing happened. The trilobites’ surfaces turned golden, just like shiny Pyrite. Although  occasionally there are traces of Pyrite found in these deposits, the trilobites themselves are not covered in Pyrite.  After we figured out what we had done that caused this, we further tested the results and determined the change was stable and permanent in the same sense as Pyrite is. You should not rub it, or expose it to cleaning solvents or water in order to maintain the brightness of the golden surface.  This is not pyrite, nor a stain, paint, or chemical reaction.
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