Authentic Meteorite “Sikhote Alin” (102919k)


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Authentic Meteorite “Sikhote Alin” (102919k)

  • Witnessed Fall – February 12, 1947
  • Nickel-Iron Octahedrite
  • Recovered in Southeastern Russia 
  • Very classy; Professionally prepared display with the meteorite encased in an acrylic case and then  presented in a glass top box with detailed explanation and color images
  • Included: Professionally Designed & Attractive Box with full color photos and descriptions, 1 Authentic Meteorite
  • These meteorites were recovered using metal detectors in Russia
  • Super Gift for Collectors of Space Artifacts and meteorites
  • Actual Specimens are Better than The Photographs
  •  For more Information, “CLICK HERE”
  • Price is $35.00

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