Authentic Partial Mastodon Tusk (092519h)


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Authentic Partial Mastodon Tusk  (092519h)

  • Name: (Mammut) Mastodon sp.
  • Age: Pleistocene – 1.5 million yrs
  • Lakeland area, Florida USA
  • Legally collected from a sink hole in central Florida. The skeleton bones and skull was so badly damaged we were only able to recover fragments
  • Tusk section has been left in its original condition as found
  •  Straight measured length is 12 inches
  • Good inexpensive teaching specimen of the Mastodon
  • * Note – New York & New Jersey have laws that prohibit Mammoth & Mastodon specimens from being shipped into their states
  • For a more detailed explanation Click Here
  • Price is $100.00

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