Baby Hadrosaur “Duckbill Dinosaur” Jaw with Teeth (022919m)


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Baby Hadrosaur “Duckbill Dinosaur”  Jaw with Teeth (022919m) ***OH HOLD FOR BRUCE B 05-06-19

  • Name: (Edmontosaurus) Hadrosaur “Duckbill Dinosaur”
  • Age: Cretaceous – 68 mil yrs
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Southeastern, Montana 
  • Beautiful Jaw Section with lots of complete Teeth of a Baby Dinosaur  
  • Specimen is very clean and solid, and has very minor repair and restoration
  • Includes Custom Made Stand
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  • Our Price $2400.00  ***OH HOLD FOR BRUCE B 05-06-19

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