Camarasaurus Dinosaur Vertebra (091818n) *SOLD*


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Extra Large Jurassic Age Dinosaur Vertebra (091818n)  *SOLD*

  • Name: Camarasaurus sp.
  • Age: Late Jurassic – 150 million yrs
  • Formation: Morrison Formation
  • Location: Skull Creek Quarry, Dinosaur, Colorado
  • This amazing (very hard to obtain), specimen  from one of the largest land animals to ever live is Massive in size and weighs an impressive 28 pounds!
  • This Excellent specimen has a custom made stand and (as with all Jurassic age material), has some repair and restoration
  • If you only want one truly impressive dinosaur specimen in your collection, this would be it!
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  • Super Nice Museum Quality 10++
  • Our Price is $3500.00

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Dimensions 22 × 22 × 19 in