Camarasaurus Dinosaur Vertebra (Partial) (091923a)


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Camarasaurus Dinosaur Tooth  (091923a)

  • Name:  Camarasaurus  Dinosaur (Partial Backbone Vertebra) (Sauropod/Plant Eater)
  • Age: Jurassic Age -140 million yrs
  • Formation: Morrison Formation
  • Location: Private Quarry, Wyoming
  • *This is a very distinctive large partial Vertebra – Weighs 19 pounds
  • Camarasaurus is among the most common and frequently well-preserved sauropod dinosaurs uncovered. The maximum size of the most common species was (49 ft) in length. The largest species, C. supremus, reached (75 ft).  The arched skull of Camarasaurus was remarkably square, with a blunt snout. The  teeth were shaped like chisels  and arranged evenly along the jaw. The strength of the teeth indicates that Camarasaurus probably ate coarser plant material than the slender-toothed diplodocids 
  • Very Large & Super Impressive Specimen from one of the Jurassic Giants
  • Museum Specimen Grade – Some Gem-Bone slabs were cut from the sides is why it is not complete
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