Canadian Ammonite (Partial)/ Ammolite (011916s)


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Canadian Ammonite (Partial)/  Ammolite  (011916s)

Beautiful mineralized outer shell with amazing colors

  • Cephalopod/ Ammonite – Placenticeras – meeki
  • Cretaceous Age – 100 million yrs
  • Bearpaw Shale Formation
  • Lethbridge Mining District, Alberta,Canada
  •  These ammonites are renowned for their beautiful colors and sell for thousands of dollars when they are complete and of top quality
  • However, for those of you who cannot , or do not want to, spend thousands, we have this Partial “High Quality specimen”
  • This partial is of the highest quality,but the price is far less than the whole ones !
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    Price is $585.00

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