Columbian Amber (Copal) with Insects (052020g)


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Columbian Amber (Copal) with Insects (052020g)

  • Insects: Many Large and small  Unidentified Insects
  • Age: Age is undetermined but probably Quaternary (2 mill yrs or less)
  • Amber (Copal) from Columbia
  • You will receive the actual specimen shown in the photo
  • Due to the young age of this amber (Copal) it is a soft material, and it can be cleaned/polished to be clear, but within a year the surface will glaze and crack as you can see
  • Because of this we have decided this specimen would be best as a teaching tool as opposed to a collector specimen and have greatly reduced the price
  •  For a more detailed explanation of Copal,….  Click Here click here:
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