Dinosaur Coprolite & Gastrolith (021918e)


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Large Dinosaur Coprolite & Gastrolith (021918e)___ON HOLD for “AS” 03/31/2018

  • Name:  Very Large Unidentified Natural Coprolite (Plant Eater) species with Embedded Gastrolith (Gizzard Stone)
  • Age: Jurassic – 160 mil yrs
  • Location: Utah
  • Natural & Large “One Complete Patty” with obvious definitive detail
  • Specimen weighs 7.2 pounds
  • Large Natural Fossilized Dinosaur Stool Specimen with an embedded Gastrolith (Gizzard Stone)
  • This is a unique feature to have a Gastrolith stuck in a Coprolite Patty – Absolute proof positive that the stone came from the dinosaur.
  • Most of the specimens we sell are small slices with one side polished. However many clients wanted to see and purchase full “Large” Coprolite Patties, so here is a nice “Dinosaur Size” one that is un-cut and not polished
  • For a more detailed explanation on Coprolites  click here:
  • For a more detailed explanation on Gastroliths “CLICK HERE”
  • Price is $225.00   ___ON HOLD for “AS” 03/31/2018

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Weight 12 lbs
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