Dinosaur Skeleton (123119a)


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 Articulated Dinosaur Skeleton (123119a) *****“SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFERING”

  • Name: Psittacosaurus ( Parrot Lizard)
  • Age: Cretaceous Age – 100 million yrs
  • Location: Xinjiang Province, China
  • This is an actual dinosaur skeleton mounted in an “Action Pose” mounted inside a Glass & Wood Case
  • As with all articulated vertebrate specimens, there has been some repair and restoration.
  • The specimen has been in a private USA collection for close to 20 years and the owner has asked that I try to find a buyer for it. He is planning on purchasing a larger dinosaur specimen soon and wants to make room for it in his collection. This specimen will be offered for sale until January 15th. If it has not sold by then, it will cease to be available, and he will keep it.
  • *This specimen has been in the USA for around 20 years. China  no longer allows fossils to be legally exported from China.
  • For a more detailed explanation click here:
  • * Free Shipping Does Not Apply for this specimen – Due to the fragile nature of the Specimen, Please Contact us for shipping options such as freight or currier service.
  • Price is $5900.00 

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Weight 40 lbs
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