Fossilized Araucaria Branch (072020e)


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Fossilized Araucaria Branch (072020e)

  • Name: Araucaria Tree
  • Age: Jurassic Age
  • Location: Cero Cuadrado Petrified Forest, Patagonia, Argentina
  • Complete  unbroken Branch with Good Detail!
  • One end of the Branch has been Polished and the rest is natural.
  • Very  Natural Looking Display Specimen
  •  Interesting Display & Study Specimen
    Believe it or not, The actual specimen looks even better than the photos
  • (*SPECIAL NOTE* ARGENTINA BANNED EXPORT OF ALL FOSSILS -09-15-03.  This specimen has been in a private collection since 1999 and the owner has asked us to sell it for them. A truly rare opportunity to add one of these specimens to your collection.
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