Fossilized Mammoth Tibia (070423a)


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Fossilized  Mammoth Tibia (Partial) (070423a)

  • Name: Columbian Mammoth, Mammuthus columbi
  • Age: Late Pleistocene – 65,000 – 11000 yrs
  • Location: San Jacinto County, Texas
  • Large Partial Tibia (Leg Bone) with distinctive Bite Mark
  • *One Long distinctive Bite mark on the bone. If this were a claw mark then there should be more scratches, but as there is only one long scratch, the most likely guess is a saber-tooth cat bite. 
  • Specimen has been sealed and hardened – Length of specimen is 18 inches – Weighs 12.2 pounds
  • Excellent and Interesting  Display Specimen with Custom Wood and metal display stand and Brass ID Plate
  • The Columbian mammoth is a distant cousin to the Woolly mammoth which dominated the northern part of North America and Asia close to the glacial ice that covered the northern parts of the continent. The Columbian mammoth had less hair and while found in several areas of North American tended to head away from the glaciated regions. The term mammoth means huge and the Columbian Mammoths were no exception reaching up to 13 feet tall and weighing in around 10 tons. Their spiral tusks could reach up to 14 feet in length.The Columbian mammoth were herbivores and grazed throughout the open grasslands of north and central Texas. They coexisted with humans until 11,700 years ago when the mammoth died out. Several reasons have been postulated for their extinction including climate change, over hunting by humans and disease. Climate change and ecosystem stability have been cited as the main causes.
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