Fossilized Trilobite Tracks – Arthropod (052020d)


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Fossilized Trilobite Tracks – Arthropod (052020d)

  •  Trace fossils are the preserved evidence of prehistoric animals activity. Footprints/ tracks are very easy to understand as preserved evidence of the multi legged animals scurrying  across mud flats leaving their foot prints and trails.  Once this mud had hardened, the tracks were preserved sufficiently for them to eventually permanently harden into stone over time. We have assembled this composite display of track-way plates with a complete trilobite from the same area to clearly show how this event would have happened.
  • Name: Trilobite Tracks
  • Location: Maysville Roadcut
  • Age: Ordovician Age(450 million)
  • Location: Maysville, Kentucky
  • Specifics:
     Very detailed Trilobite tracks
    Quality – 3 Dimensional Specimen– Very Good Details
     Excellent Display Specimen
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