Mammoth Tusk Carving (060520a)


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Authentic Mammoth Tusk Carving (060520a)

  • Name: Mammuthus ( Mammoth)
  • Age: Pleistocene – 100,000 yrs
  • Location: Siberia, Russia
  • This is a “Hand Carved” surface bark section of a Mammoth Tusk. A Chinese artisan carved this around 20 years ago and I have had it in my personal collection during this time. These unique hand carved Mammoth Tusk sections  in 3 dimensional relief are rarely seen today as the skill and patience to do this has not been passed on to the present generations in China. The depicted scene is of Koi Fish, (Integral animals in Chinese culture), swimming in the currents . The artist used ink coloring to highlight the fish and the water movement.
  • Legally collected Mammoth material from located (still buried) specimens
  • Tusk section has been properly cleaned, dried, hardened, and sealed
  • Beautiful Work of the “Highest Quality” 
  • Super High Quality Display Specimen #10 +++
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