Megalodon “Bite Damage” Tooth (052020e)




 Fossilized Megalodon Shark Tooth  (052020e)

Bite Damaged Tooth
• Name: Carcharocles megalodon
• Age: Oligocene to Pliocene
• Formation: Hawthrone Formation
• Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Specifics:   Large Heavy Tooth ! –  Very Special Tooth that tells a great story!!!  Sharks would regularly lose their teeth while eating. Usually from biting down on large boned animals. This tooth was dislodged and in the process of coming out when the shark bit down hard and sheared away one side of this tooth. The shark’s teeth are sharply serrated and the evidence of these serrated edges slicing through the tooth are clearly evident. Bones with shark bite marks are highly sought after, but to have “a shark tooth” with such obvious bite damage is like winning the lottery in rarity of occurrence!

  • Length – 5  inches
  • Full Tooth – Yes
  • Serrations –  Light serrations on one side
  • Tip – Gone
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