Moroccan Fossil Fish in Matrix (051717d)


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Moroccan Fossil Fish in Matrix  (051717d)

  • Name: Ichthyodectes fossil fish  (?)
  • Age: Cretaceous – 100 million yrs
    Location: Goulmima, Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  • Highly detailed specimen with Minor repair/restoration
  • Interestingly the head and tail are fleshed out and the rest of the body is bones
  • Fish is 23 inches long and has a mouth full of teeth
  • Super Details & very dramatic 3 Dimensional display specimen
  • These highly detailed specimens, showing scales, mouthparts, and fins have just started coming out of Morocco. There is still much research to be done on these fishes to correctly identify and catalogue them. The specimens are very similar to the Old Mission formation fish nodules from Brazil. As these two localities were attached and/or aligned  during the time these fish lived, it is most likely many will be the same or  associated species.
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