Pennsylvanian Fern Imprint (061820c)


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Pennsylvanian Fern Imprint (061820c)

World Famous White on Black Fossil Ferns from Pennsylvania
Name: Alethopteris sp
Age: Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) Age 280 mill yrs
Formation: Llewellyn Formation
Location: St. Clair, Pennsylvania
Nice small specimen in a glass topped display box.
Pennsylvanian fern plant fossils from eastern Pennsylvania anthracite coal mines. The ferns are preserved in the mineral pyrophyllite,
which sometimes gives them a crisp bold white or silver appearance. Pyrophyllite is a pyrite pseudomorph. Any orange or gold color was caused by
iron ores in the ground.
This collecting locality has now been closed and in the future these specimens will be harder to obtain

*Specimen will come inside glass topped display box with stand and COA
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