Prehistoric Trilobite Sculpture – (052020z)


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Prehistoric Trilobite Sculpture – (052020z)

  • Name: Phacops sp.
  • Age: Devonian Age(350 million)
  • Location: Morocco
  • Specifics
  • This is a “One-of-Kind” sculpture that I commissioned around 20 years ago.  There was no mold or other models made, so there is no possibility of any other source offering this for sale.
  • This is a very detailed and accurate model of a trilobite that would be a SUPER Centerpiece for a Trilobite display.
  • The trilobite is 7.5 inches long and is mounted on a simulated seafloor inside a mirrored backed 10x10x10 inch acrylic display box.
  • As this is a “One-of-Kind” art piece, the price is high.
  • Price is  $1000.00  

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in