"Premature Baby" Fossilized Cave Bear Skeleton (010217j)


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“Premature Baby” Fossilized Cave Bear Skeleton (010217j)

  • Name: Ursus spelaeus ( Prehistoric Cave Bear )
  • Age: Pleistocene – 100,000 yrs
  • Location: Ural Mountains, Russia
  • Approximately 18% reconstruction and repair
  • Mounted, fully articulated Premature Baby Cave Bear Skeleton (Approximately 9 inches tall)
  • Amazingly Rare – Super Nice Quality Display Specimen 10+++
  • The enjoyment of Fossils is in large part trying read them and understand the story they are telling you. In this case we know newly birthed baby bears are considerably larger than this skeleton,  so this is a premature bear. There were three of these babies found together in the cave. Following “Linear Logic” you would conclude that a sick or wounded mother bear with three unborn cubs entered and died inside the cave. The fact that the bones were able to semi fossilize would say that they had advanced past the soft cartilage stage.
  • This theory fits what we are seeing and what we are seeing is utterly amazing!
  • All Cave Bear specimens are becoming very, very hard to obtain due to the deposits being exhausted.
  • We have seen the price on these fine specimens skyrocket over the last several years, and fully expect them to continue to climb as they become near impossible to obtain.
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