Pterygotus Specimen (050118k)

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EXTREMELY RARE – Pterygotus Specimen (050118k) (*ON HOLD FOR KEITH H 11-30-2018)

A Unique and Rare Opportunity to Own One of the Rarest Fossil Specimens there is!
•Pterygotus “a genus of giant predatory eurypterid
•Silurian Age – 400 million yrs
•Fiddler Green Formation
•Herkimer County, New York – USA
•Super Nice & Large – Nearly Complete Pterygotus Specimen with both Flippers

 • One disarticulated arm with claw is off to the right side 
•Actual Specimen is Even Better than The Photographs
• For a more detailed explanation click here
•Retail Price is $9000.00

*Our Price to our customers is $7500.00  —(*ON HOLD FOR KEITH H 11-30-2018)

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