Snake Head Fossil Ammonite (060619a)


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Ammonite Fossil with Carved Snake Head (060619a)

  • *Early English History of Yorkshire, England, tells of St Hilda of Witby killing all the snakes in the region, decapitating them in the process and turning their bodies into stone; Thus explaining all the fossilized ammonites found there as headless snakes. Years later creative artists collected these and carved snake heads on them and sold them as curiosities to tourists.    For the full story “Click Here”
  • This fossil ammonite we are offering, from Madagascar, has been intricately carved with a Rattlesnake Head that is almost frightening due to its amazing realistic appearance. 
  • This is what you get when you have a imaginative, talented artist who also loves rocks
  • With a vision Salvador Dali would be proud of, the artist has painstakingly recreated the mythical English Ammonite Snake in amazing detail
  • Fantastic “one-of-a-kind” thought provoking art piece
  • Everybody who see this has to do a double take to grasp what they are looking at
  • Very Nice presentation will come with a velvet display cushion
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