"Snake Stone"  Ammonite (093220a)


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“Snake Stone”  Ammonite (093220a)

  • Name: Dactyloceras commune (Snakestone)
  • Formation: Lias Ammonite Beds
  • Age: Jurassic Age – 180 million yrs
  • Location: Whitby, Yorkshire, England
  • In early times ( The Middle Ages), ammonites were thought to be snakes that had been turned to stone – But curiously they were never found with heads. The story was fanciful and popular with people and tourists, so to capitalize on this fad, the locals started to carve heads on the ammonites in order to support the belief, and sell them to the tourists.
  • Legend has it that Saint Hilda found the area infested with snake when she arrived and cast a spell on them to turn them to stone and threw them all in to the sea.
  • – This specimen was purchased from a 30 year old collection so I cannot set a date on the time period when this carving was done.
  • *Great Specimen and even Better story behind it.
  • For the whole complete snake story “CLICK HERE” 
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