Solnhofen Fossil Horseshoe Crab with Tracks (110518c)


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Solnhofen Fossil Horseshoe Crab with Trackway (110518c)

*SOLD – JANE C 02-03-2019

  • Name: Mesolimulus walchii (Horseshoe Crab)
  • Age: Jurassic Age -140 million yrs
  • Formation: Solnhofen Limestone 
  • Location: Solnhofen, Germany
  • *Very Unique Specimen that has a trackway leading to the final demise of the crab 
  • Excellent Large Specimen with Excellent Detail – Very Nice informative Display
  • This specimen has a few repaired cracks in the rock which this limestone is known for
  • This specimen was imported into the USA around 15 years ago and has been in a private collection
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