Stone Baby Sea Turtle Sculpture  (052220w)


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Stone Baby Sea Turtle Sculpture  (052220w)

  • Absolutely Fantastic hand carved rock sculpture of a baby sea turtle hatching out of it’s egg.
  • The eyes have been added for realism, along with a black onyx base, but everything else is original “one stone” with no added pieces, gluing or coloring!
  • The carving was done in China and the stone is called “Blue Calcite” (A pleasing ocean blue color)
  • *This is not a factory produced carving. —–This is a collectors sculptured individual art piece!
  • We have decided that carvings do not fit our business model going forward and have decided to sell these below our cost.
  • Excellent Quality – Very Attractive 
  • A fantastic opportunity to obtain this exquisite sculpture for a fraction of the retail price!!!!
  •  **** Retail Price is $256.00        ….. Super Sales Price is $125.00

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 in