Triceratops Femur (071519e)


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Partial Triceratops Leg Bone (Femur) (071519e)

  • Name: Ceratopsian – Triceratops horridus (Dinosaur)
  • Age: Cretaceous Age 65 million yr
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Wibaux County, Montana
  • Specimen weighs  14+ pounds and has been cut on a rock saw to show the fossilized bone core
  • This was a surface collected bone that shows wear from exposure  to the elements (Has the shape of a horn, but it is not)
  • Specimen has been fully stabilized, sealed, and stained for uniform color
  •  Nice Museum Display Specimen from one of the most recognizable dinosaurs
  • For more information “CLICK HERE”
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Weight 18 lbs
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