Trilobites with Legs & Antennae ! (013019m)


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“Near Perfect” Trilobites with Legs & Antennae ! (013019m)

  • Name: Triarthrus eatoni
  • Age: Ordovician Age (445 mil yrs)
  • Formation: Lorraine Shale
  • Location: Oneida County, New York
  • Three Complete Trilobites and sea plant on this plate !!!!
  • Two are reverse showing under sides and the other a top view!
  • YES – We all know trilobites had legs and antennae, but have you ever seen them ? These are excellent pyritized specimens that show in clear detail the legs and the antennae !!
  • Absolutely a “Must Have” for any serious Trilobite Collector !
  • Excellent Quality -”  LARGE SIZE FOR THIS LOCATION”- Amazing Specimen !!!
  • The actual specimen is Far More Impressive & better than the photos show!
  • *Black material around the specimen is a foam block holder  
  • SUPER MUSEUM QUALITY 10++++++ The Best You will ever see of these specimens!
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