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  • Name: Grallator Dinosaurs (Three toed Theropod Dinosaurs)
  • Name: Split Hoof Mammal  (Unidentified Boar)
  • Age: Jurassic – 170 million yrs
  • Formation: Portland (Connecticut Valley Region)
  • Location: Middletown, Connecticut 
  • These are actual Dinosaur Footprints  – *These are known as a trace fossils.
  • This is TRULY a ONE_OF_A_KIND specimen  10+++++
  • The Excellent Dinosaur imprints have been lightly stained to clearly show the footprints * The hoofed Mammal track is completely natural with no stain applied. 
  • *We have outlined the Boar track with chalk to help better show it. The boar would be much smaller and lighter, thus accounting for the much lighter imprint into the mud flat than the dinosaurs chasing it.
  • The larger meat eaters’ tracks are frequently found in this area. The area during their time was a valley with water running through it with a good supply of volcanic sand/mud silt in the bottoms that was excellent for casting the footprints once the mud had been baked in the sun.  The predators regularly hunted these bottoms, but what were they hunting and chasing?  During cleaning of this track I made a truly remarkable find. A distinct “Mammal split hoof imprint” . The imprint is not near as deep as the dinosaur imprints due to the significant size and weight difference between the Boar and the dinosaurs that were chasing it.  This was an eye opener as to what the dinosaurs were chasing in this wet valley area to eat.
  • Mammals were around during the time of the dinosaurs but were considerably smaller and were probably a temping meal when the dinosaurs could catch them.  This is the first dinosaur track plate I have ever seen that also had a mammal track on it. Very interesting scenario being played out and preserved in stone!  
  • Stand, Information sheet, and certificate of authenticity, and free USA shipping included
  • * One photo is a photograph of a present day boar track to clearly show the very close similarity to the fossilized track.
  •  For a more detailed explanation of Grallators “click here”
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