Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Tooth (033019v)


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Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Tooth (033019v)

  • Name: Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur – Tooth 
  • Age: Cretaceous Age 70 million yr
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Carter County, Montana  USA
  •  Easily the #1 most well known Dinosaur in the World!
  • Straight Measurement  of the tooth is 1&3/8  inch
  • This tooth has a repaired crack – Serrations are present!
  • ! Nice Complete Museum Quality Dinosaur tooth from the worlds most famous dinosaur
  • The #1 most sought after Dinosaur tooth in the world.
  • The tooth is small and has a repaired crack so the price is low
  • Due to their popularity most Tyrannosaurus teeth cost thousands of dollars; This is an opportunity to own one for far less.
  • For more information  “click here”
  • Price is  $135.00

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