White-Out Photo Box (053220g)

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Professional Website item Photo BOX (053220g)

  • Professional “White-Out”  Photo BOX (slightly used)
  • Lighted white box for taking excellent “Floating image” of items for your website
  • Has two ports with magnetic latches for inserting items and taking photos 
  • Internal Height is 14 inches – Internal width is 11 inches (Front to back / side to side)
  • *If you are into taking photos of small items like jewelry , of other items for website or E bay sales, I have a great “white out” photo box I am sellingLike new , paid over $250 for it.  This is how you photograph items to appear to be floating by themselves in the shot.
  •  **** Price is $140.00     (Includes domestic shipping ) (Does not include rock specimen in the photos or camera)

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 14 in