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——Delta, Utah – Trilobite Beds –  June of 2015 ——-

Finally able to get back out in the field for some hands on collecting and had a great time.

We visited several of our favorite collecting locals in the Western states, but the visit to Delta, Utah was the best.

We visited the world famous trilobite beds and spent two days working out the “bugs”

We removed large slabs to get to some beautiful layers of small and large trilobites with some excellent results.

One of the the best locations in the area is the “U-Dig Trilobite” commercial site. This is open to anybody to come and pay to dig and collect.

The people at the dig site there are very friendly and helpful.

Delta, Utah is a very small town with limited accommodations, and dry arid conditions.

It felt really nice to get back to digging after the year off due to surgery recovery last year.


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—— Dugway Geode Digging – June of 2015——

Digging Geodes at the Dugway Geode location in Western Utah’s Dugway Range.

Yes, that’s me on the excavator having fun. The geodes are the result of bubbles forming during volcanic activity millions of years ago.

The bubbles harden and the minerals (dissolved in water), seep into these bubbles and form the many varied, multi-colored formations found in these Geodes.

Once the geodes have been scooped up from a deep pit, the collecting was easy. The only problem is figuring out which ones would have the best formations inside of them.




—— Hot Air Balloon Ride- June 2013 ——

During our Western trip, we decided to take a hot air balloon ride over the canyonlands of Utah. This has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I figured there would be fewer power lines and trees (sometimes problems for balloons) than anywhere else in the USA.

  • Great Flight; Wonderful floating carefree fantastic feeling !!!!! However, at the end of the flight the wind had picked up to around 20-25 knots and the pilot had said the landing would be rough. We had started moving too fast and he wanted to set the balloon down in the first open and flat area, with no large rocks, that he could find before the wind took us over the river into the next canyon where our retrieval would be more difficult.
  • He instructed everybody to crouch down in the basket and hold onto the hand straps and brace their back against the wall toward the direction of the landing. We were told to expect a hard hit and a bounce, and possibly two more before the basket was on the ground on its side, and then the balloon would probably drag the basket around 75 yards before it came to a stop.
  • When we boarded the basket, we saw that the bottom had wooden runners on it, but we did not notice that there were also runners on one side of the basket. (The side we got into of course) We found out that the purpose is for the basket to always land so that this side would flip over and skid along the ground on the runners. Everything he predicted did happen, but in real-time much more dramatic than the verbal explanation had prepared us for. So we were on the bottom and got the “Full Monty” experience of the hard landing. Besides dirt in our back pockets and hair, we survived the crash landing a little shaken up but intact.

The last two photos show the final drag across the ground and Janice‘s reaction of “What the heck just happened”

Would we do it again – Unbelievably the answer is yes……Wow-what a ride!

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—— Green River Fossil Fish Beds – June 2013 ——

One of our favorite digs is the fossil fish deposits in Wyoming. OK – Yes we do have to work sometimes….. Only our work site is not your normal office cubicle.

  • Here we are on-site digging fossil fish in Kemmerer Wyoming. If you split enough rocks you are bound to find something. We spent some time working on these with a good friend and collected numerous fish of all kinds and sizes in his quarry. Two people are needed to work the very large 6×9 footplates when looking for the big palm fossils. Hard work, but very rewarding. *Be sure and take a good hat and sunscreen lotion.

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—— Arizona Dinosaur Tracks – June 2013 ——

After visiting the Petrified Forest area in Holbrook AZ, we headed towards the Four Corners area of New Mexico via HYW89/HYW160. Passing through the Hopi Indian Reservation, we passed a handwritten sign in black marker propped up on the side of the road saying “Dinosaur Tracks this way”.

  • Thinking this was a cheap tourist trap scam, we had to stop to take a look. To our surprise, this is probably the “Very Best” dinosaur trackway site we have ever visited. The amount of the tracks and the size and clarity were super! The site is on Indian land and is overseen by locals Indians who make a small income by accepting donations from visitors. Collecting is strictly prohibited. The site covers several acres and “Really” needs to be researched, developed, and protected. 

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—— Dinosaur Tracks ——

We participate annually in the Marty Zinn Springfield show in Massachusetts. While there, we visit a local quarry location and collect dinosaur tracks. They are quite abundant with a little work. After collecting several, you get a feel for the size and activity of the dinosaurs by the placements of the tracks. Such as if they were walking, running, standing, or moving in groups. There is a lot of information to be learned from these tracks even though they are only “trace” fossils……Year 2010

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—— Coal Mine Fossils ——

Upon being informed of a significant find of Carboniferous fossils I visited a coal mine in Eastern Kentucky to see for myself. Going into and working inside a coal mine is not for the faint of heart. I have great respect for the hard workers in these mines and assure you they deserve every penny they make. The payoff for my going in and collecting the specimens from inside the mine is that the details are so clean and sharp. Notice the working height of the tunnel that I am in. Year 2009

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031610e 031610d 031610c 031610b


—— Digging Dinosaurs ——

Each Summer we spend several weeks in Wibaux County, Montana, walking the Badlands enjoying the beautiful scenery, and looking for dinosaur bones. We have been fortunate enough to make many nice finds through the years. This is a wide-open country with breathtaking landscapes that invite you to relax and appreciate life without all the constant everyday distractions you normally have. In this series is a photo of Janice and me on her first dig working on her first dinosaur bone.

031710a 031710b 031710c 031710d

031710e 031710f 031710g 031710h


—— The Grand Canyon ——

We have made many trips to the Grand Canyon through the years. Not as a collecting venture of course, but as a rejuvenation of the soul. The feeling of awe and wonder at this amazing formation is almost overwhelming. I have yet to tire of visiting this place and would strongly encourage everyone to do so at least once in their life. It is an experience and feeling that you will always remember. These photos are from a 2008 trip.

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031810e 031810f 031810h 031810g


—— The Petrified Forest ——

We have made many trips to the Petrified Forest and the Holbrook Arizona area. The park is a fun and interesting area to visit. An astounding number of petrified logs of all sizes and stages of preservation.

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