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My expectations were exceeded

Name:  Pauine F.   October 02, 2020


My expectations were exceeded. I received My order and was extremely thrilled. The product was packaged really well. I will order from them again!!!

October 2, 2020

It’s been both and honor and a pleasure to do business with you

Hello Again !


Absolutely stunning remount…you are extremely talented and one amazing professional, Richard.

It’s been both and honor and a pleasure to do business with you and I am sincerely grateful for everything you’ve done !


Live Long And Prosper.



July 24, 2020

I couldn’t be happier with my order

Everything I ordered was better then I could Have imagined. I was very happy with the Quality. I am from Canada, so I was afraid that things might get broken in the mail. But, they wrapped everything so prefect that everything got here without any damage. I couldn’t be happier with my order and had to make another one!!! A++++++

Name:  Crystal B
Alberta, Canada                      June 19, 2020

June 21, 2020

Purchased my Fossil Collection

After inheriting my grandfathers extensive fossil collection I contacted several dealers on the internet and they all wanted to steal my fossils for 10 cent on the dollar.   I understand that they cannot pay retail prices, but felt this was really greedy on their part.  

I found a business card where my grandfather had made some purchases from Stones & Bones many years ago and decided to contact them.   Richard was very thorough in getting details on the fossils and their origins and asked for some photos. After receiving the photos he said he would be interested in the entire collection.  I provided a full list and photos, he reviewed them and made me an offer  which was far higher than any others I had received.  

Richard drove to my location and paid me on the spot and even raised some of the offers after he appraised some of them higher that they appeared in the photos.

I cannot over state how impressed I am with his complete honesty and trustworthiness.  I am so happy that I contacted him.  Thank you so much, Richard. 

 05/15/2020                                                         James A…….Massachusetts 

May 27, 2020

Good prices and quick delivery

Just wanted to let you know I received my cave bear jaw. Really happy with it.

You have nice fossils, good prices and quick delivery. Will definitely be doing more business in the future.

Thank you. Bill W ……. Delaware 01-12-2020


January 13, 2020

Excellent packing and quick delivery

Thank you. The order was received yesterday. Excellent packing and quick delivery. 

The ammonites were exactly what I wanted. Very impressed.

Thanks again.

Steve S – 09-25-2019     Clearwater, FL


September 26, 2019

you’re a classy guy Richard!

Message: Received shipment of fossils today and we are absolutely awed and astonished by them! What amazing specimens! The ammonite snake is unbelievable and the turtle is a rare beauty.Wow! All of them – the lobster, the insect, the ginkgo-wonderful! I started collecting fern fossils in Illinois when I was 10 years old in the 1950’s and have added a few specimens here and there over the years but after having found you, our collection has become very special. I’ll have to keep a close eye on your website from here on in! Also, thanks for the great packaging and the display boxes and stands – you’re a classy guy Richard!
Sincerely, Ken and Mariann

Date: July 8, 2019
Time: 10:30 pm


July 9, 2019

Your pieces really are museum quality.

Mariann here, Ken’s wife.  I absolutely LOVE the dragonfly!!  I had no idea it would be so large and perfect, with so many details.  Like you said:  The intricate details of his wings are all very well preserved and visible.  It is much more impressive than I thought it would be.

The Eurypterid specimen is equally as impressive.  Your pieces really are museum quality.

We were wondering if you all have a fossil collection of your own?  If you do, I bet you have some extraordinary specimens!  We’d love to see a picture of your collection if you would wish to share.  If you do collect fossils yourselves, I am surprised that you let this dragonfly fly away to us :-)).

Thanks again for these wonderful treasures.  Your boxes were packed perfectly as well.

Enjoy your day and thanks for making our day!

Grand Junction, CO     July 25, 2018

July 25, 2018

Best decision I’ve ever made when buying online


I would like to tell how thrilled I am about my recent purchase. On April 13th I placed an order for a Heliobatis Radians.

I was a little concerned as it was over my official price for buying something “sight unseen”.

Well , I received by shipment yesterday. All I can say is WOW!! The fossil is exquisite. It looks so much better in person than the photographs could show . The Heliobatis is now the crown jewel of my modest fossil collection The packaging was done by true professionals. I could tell right away that my purchase was well taken care of by the shipping department.

Ordering from the Stone and Bones Collection was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made when buying online.


Thanks for a 1st class buying experience,

Marc W …..Killeen, TX….04-18-2018

April 18, 2018

Fulfilling our fossil dreams

Your talent & knowledge of what to buy for us the public is very appreciated—- Fulfilling our fossil dreams . THANK YOU!!! Gwen

Gwen A…Bemidji, MN ….04-17-2018

April 17, 2018

Good quality fossils for a reasonable price

I received my Trilobite and Ammonite fossils and I cannot tell you how happy and impressed I am. I am pleased to find such good quality fossils for a reasonable price. They arrived within a week of ordering and were packed really well. They look just like what was pictured. Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future and will recommend you to anyone looking for something special to add to their collections.

Christa M… Dallas, TX … 04/14/2018

April 14, 2018

Their prices are VERY reasonable

I’m new to collecting. A long-time collector recommended Stones & Bones. Their collection is amazing. Their prices are VERY reasonable. The owners could not be nicer and take the time to share their extensive knowledge. I love my new hobby!!

Joyce G…. Columbus, Ohio              April, 8, 2018

April 9, 2018

Long Time Satisfied Customer

I have purchased countless fossil and mineral specimens from The Stones and Bones Collection over the past 12 years or so. Whether I make a purchase in person or online, I have always been overly pleased with both the quality and price of the specimens I receive. Many of the fossils I’ve purchased have become virtually impossible to find on the market today, and so I am grateful for the opportunity to add such unique, quality specimens to my collection.

W Bryant    , Jackson, MS                                                                                         February, 25, 2018

February 25, 2018

My Fossils are Sound Investments

 I’ve been buying fossils from Stones & Bones for probably 10 years. They are always properly described and priced, actually underpriced when compared to others sellers.  

 One thing I’ve noticed is the value of my collection has more than kept up with inflation so I consider it as much as an investment as a collection.

Robert /Augusta GA            ……………… January, 24, 2018


January 24, 2018

I would highly Recommend Stones & Bones Fossils

I have been buying fossils on my science department’s dime for years from Stones and Bones, and I finally could afford to buy one for my husband. He adores his fossilized tortoise! I recommend the company to other teachers all the time.

CA – 11-04-17

Cay Enns November 4, 2017

S&B has been the the real guiding principle

Bill V
September 15, 2017

Referred By:
It’s been so long since my first purchase from you folks, I’m not really certain…probably a Google Search initially. After that, the quality of your fossils, etc. along with the integrity, help and professionalism I’ve encountered when dealing with S&B has been the real guiding principle.

Your fossils are outstanding in quality and ones I cherish a great deal.


Bill V September 15, 2017

Reputable A+ sellers.

Richard & Janice have earned our respect & trust.

We are repeat buyers over several years.

Museum quality pieces.

Reputable A+ sellers.

Looking forward to our next purchase.

Carl & Susan B Columbus, OHIO...........................................03-24-2017 March 25, 2017

Personalized customer service, with an excitement surpassing my own

As my obsession grows, so does my appreciation of Stones and Bones. Personalized customer service, with an excitement surpassing my own, Richard and Janice work time and again to find EXACTLY what I am hoping for! Thank You, you have a happy customer for years to come.


Don K..........Atlanta, GA.....03-02-2017 March 2, 2017

These fossils were some of the best I have seen

Message Body:
I received several fossils from your company for christmas ,these fossils were some of the best I have seen . the detail was amazing .
I will be dealing with you again thank you Larry

Referred By:
my sons girlfriend

Ontario, Canada

12-30-2016 Ontario, Canada December 31, 2016

They were delivered within 4 days as promised

I was very excited to have a 13 year old boy list fossils, rather than an electronic game, for my unknown “christmas angel gift” this year (second was a bicycle).   Knowing nothing about fossils, I searched the web and after seeing only cheap “dig kits” for really young kids or $10,000 artifacts for sale, came across your website. I was hesitant, but ordered 2 beginner kits. They were delivered within 4 days as promised, packaged nicely and I spent almost 2 hours looking at them before I re-wrapped them. I will recommend this company to anyone with a young person who is interested in fossils.   This site does have high dollar items, but also fossils in a reasonable price range that would be appropriate for a young person. These are great gifts that I will look to in the future.   Well done! (Oh, and I also got him a bike).

S Jones, ,,,,IL December 18, 2016

Stones & Bones offers the highest-quality pieces at great prices, and their customer service is excellent.

I have ordered pieces from Stones & Bones many times over the past few years and have always been pleased with the results. Unlike many sites, the pieces they sell look better in real life than they do in the photographs. They have yet to disappoint me.

I now have a small but very nice collection of museum-quality pieces at home and have given many pieces as gifts.

There was only one time where I had a problem with an order, and that happened when Stones & Bones couldn’t find an item that was shown on the website. The owner emailed me, then called me about the problem and offered to substitute a nice item of higher price for the same price as the missing item. I was pleased with the level of customer service for what I considered to be a minor issue.

Stones & Bones offers the highest-quality pieces at great prices, and their customer service is excellent.

November 18, 2016

I like your company and your products.

Thank you so much for the message and your phone call yesterday morning. It was nice to talk with you

I like your company and your products. I’ve got a nice personal collection of museum-quality fossils and minerals, thanks to you.

Michael M,,,,,,,, Garland, TX,,,,,,,,Nov16, 2016

November 16, 2016

Thank you for taking such care

Mr. Hightower,

I received the fish plate today in excellent condition. The crate you shipped it in could probably have been dropped from a plane and still protected it. Thank you for taking such care.

The plate is everything that the picture showed. I am delighted with it.

Jim C, Fort Worth, TX                                                          11-03-2016

November 3, 2016

Everything was packaged with such care!

I ordered a few items from you recently and they arrived today–everything was packaged with such care! I am stunned by how beautiful the bowl is in person and I love the two meteorite fragments I received–they’re a gift for my father and I know he’ll think they’re cool. The four ammonites in my grab bag order are all absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to write and thank you! I’m blown away by the quality of the service and the items themselves, I will definitely be back. 🙂


Rachel, Amhurst, Massachuetts..................October 25, 2016 October 26, 2016

JJ…..North Carolina

Received the Green River Fish. Exactly what I was looking for. I do my Christmas shopping early and I like to find unusual gifts for my grandson. One of these days he’ll have an office or den, look up at the fossil and remember me. It may even start him on a quest out west looking at fossils where he will end up at Fossil Butte. Thanks for the excellent specimen.


October 14, 2016