1. SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDAll specimens are shipped satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied you may return shipment within 15 days for a credit or refund. (Returned item must be in the same condition as it was received and accompanied by the original invoice, or copy.) Please contact us prior to returning any item. You will be responsible for shipping charges to you and from you. We suggest that you insure returns in case of damage. **All shipments from us are insured. If you should ever receive a specimen that has been damaged,(which due to careful packing rarely happens), please save all packing material and contact us at once.   ( Failure to follow the above requirements resulting in a damaged returned item will negate a full refund.  Further, should ligation to resolve this be required, then court proceeding would be in the state of North Carolina and we would ask and expect additional compensation to cover all our legal expenses.)
  2. SALES VENUES – We  offer an extensive variety of fossils and minerals online that can be purchased through our website. We also set up at club and trade shows with an impressive selection of our specimens for sale. We do not have a “brick & mortar store”, but we do have a large showroom that is available for viewings and purchases “BY APPOINTMENT ONLY”.
  3. OUR CATALOG – If you are reading this then you are looking at our catalog offerings. We do not have a printed catalog. It wastes trees, it is too expensive and too rapidly outdated. If you prefer, we gladly accept phone call, (or e-mail) requests (1-800-720-9624) for more information or photos. If it is a must that you have a paper catalog, may we suggest going to our website and printing hard copies of the pages that interest you.
  4. SECURE ORDER FORM – We have a Secure “Encrypted” Order Form to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express Charge Cards for orders. We also accept checks, Money Orders, or Western Union transfers for purchases (Please call for these payment options). We are a licensed business and registered through all the major credit card issuers to accept their cards through our company accounts. We also accept payments through PayPal. If you prefer to place your order by phone, our number is 1-800-720-9624
    • *We have the highest concern and respect for your privacy. Any information you provide will “NEVER” be shared, sold, rented, or given to any other parties. It is used solely for our accounting and correspondence purposes                                                                                                               
  5. Shipping & Shipping Schedules – Most shipments are made within 48 hours of placement of order. All shipments inside the USA are shipped via Priority Mail -US Postal Service and insured by our company for damage or loss, unless instructed otherwise.
    • **INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ** We do not ship to all countries, and we will not accept credit cards from some countries. If your country is not showing as a shipping option, then contact us and we will discuss it.
    • All shipments to countries outside the US are sent Postal Priority-Mail.
      *Please Note: We are not responsible for any additional fees accessed to you by your country’s Customs Department.
      *To find out what your country’s customs regulations and fees might be, contact your Customs Department.
  6. SPECIMEN IDENTIFICATION – We designed this site to be a visual enjoyment and simple to use and understand. We list descriptive and background information next to each specimen, and you will receive the actual specimen shown. We are glad to provide any additional information on these specimens upon request. Complete information, including a certificate of authenticity, is provided with all specimens purchased.
  7. TRADE UP POLICY – Our policy on fossil specimens is to allow our customers the option to upgrade to better quality specimens at a later date if they should so desire. This allows our customers to build and improve their collections without duplicating specimens. The original specimen would be traded in at the value of the original purchase (as shown on your receipt copy) towards one specimen of the same type, of higher value.
    • “Trade Offs” – Occassionally some of our customers ask if they can trade a previously purchased specimen(one of ours of course), for a complelety different type of specimen. We will usually agree to this, but require that the new specimen value be at least double the value of the one being traded in.
    • Note* All trade-ins must have prior approval, by contacting us, before being initiated. Specimens to be traded in “Must” be in the same condition as they were when originally purchased, and accompanied by copy of original receipt.
    • Note* Trade ups to upgrade a specimen, and trade offs for exchanging one specimen for a different one of double value, both are one time offers per specimen, and carry the following limitations: The specimen being requested will not be covered in our 15 day return policy and also cannot be traded toward any further specimens. Clarification : No specimen that has been received as a trade up or exchange can be returned, or exchanged for other specimens.
  8. GRADING SCALE – We sell high quality specimens and use a scale of 1-10 to rate them with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the very best specimen available anywhere. We will always try to point out any defects, repair, or restoration on the specimens to help you in deciding on your purchases, and to eliminate the worry about unpleasent surprises when the specimen arrives.
  9. PRICING – We will always offer the best price we can on our specimens, and will consistently be lower than any other dealer on the internet. On high priced items we can usually offer discounts. Also, we are glad to work with teaching institutions, non-profit organizations, and anyone making large group purchases of specimens.
    – We are always happy to work with museums and schools ordering items. We understand that sometimes the normal procedure requires that purchases be made with a “purchase order”. We will sell and ship on purchase orders but we must insist that payment be timely. It is unprofessional and unconscionable of any institution to place an order and make promise of payment,and fail to do so, and to force the provider of the order to have to repeatedly beg for payment.

    • “Payment in Full” is due 30 days from the date of the order.
    • Purchase orders that are not paid within 30 days after purchase, are accessed a 10% penalty. *(10% of total order is due and payable in addition to the original amount.)
    • If total amount due and penalty are not received within 60 days, then legal remedies will be exercised.
  12. FREE ITEMS – A certificate of authenticity (consisting of a description of the specimen and a photo of the specimen), and a stand(when needed) is supplied free of charge with each specimen.
  13. CONTACT INFORMATION – Our toll free number is 1-800-720-9624. (Outside US call 1-828-369-7226). Our e-mail address is . Our mailing address is Stones & Bones , 78 Emerald Hill, Franklin, NC 28734 US