Fossil Belemnite  (100423m)


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 Fossil Belemnite (100423m)

  • Name: Paxillosus sp. 
  • Age: Jurassic Age 200 million yrs
  • Formation: Bulldog Shale Formation
  • Location: Bayreuth, Germany
  • Belemnites were ancient cephalopods similar to modern-day squids. They had an internal skeleton and had hooks on the ends of their tentacles.  It is this internal tube like skeleton that preserves as a fossil. These opalized specimens are only found in Australia. The natural mold left by the dissolved Belemnite was filled with the opal in liquefied form and later hardened into the translucent blue hued, multi colored flashing gem we admire today. Most all the opal that is of gem quality is sold to be cut into jewelry. To find a fossilized specimen of gem quality is very rare and then to save it from being turned into jewelry is also challenging.
  • Because gem quality opal commands high prices as a gem stone,  is the reason these pieces are always expensive.
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