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Large Assorted Fossilized Bone & Teeth Parts from Various Animals (102619b)

  • Many Various Species such as: Mammoth, Mastodon, Horses, Camels, Crocodiles, terrestrial animals, and Whale Bone Parts
  • Age: Tertiary   65 – 2 million yrs
  • Location: Camden County, Georgia USA
  • This is a large collection of partial bones segments and teeth that are regularly found on the lower eastern costal areas of Georgia. Particularly after strong storm surges. Due to damage from the rolling and tossing of the currents and wave action, rarely do you find complete specimens.
  • Weight of the full box is around 20 pounds
  •   Great fun going through and attempting to identify the many various animals represented here
  • Very good for a classroom teaching project or fossil dig
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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 13 in