Mexican Amber Specimen with Plants (060123n)


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 Ciapas, Mexico Amber Specimen with Plants (060123n)

  • Insects:  Excellent Plant specimen in large amber piece (plus Mosquito)
  • Age: Oligocene/Miocene Epoch – around 25 million years old
  • Amber from Chiapas, Mexico
  • Authentic Specimen will be in a high quality Viewing Box
  • You will receive the actual specimen shown specimen
  • Large Amber specimen is approximately 2 x  1&3/4 x 1/2 inch (Photo is 40x magnification)
  • Chiapas Amber is fossilized tree resin 
  • Fossils are windows into the past and tell us stories of the animal’s existence and life. 
  • Excellent Quality Specimen – Very Clear 10+++
  •  For a more detailed explanation Click Here click here:
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