“Poop in a Pouch” Dinosaur Coprolite(091022x)


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Poop in a Pouch  (Fossil Dinosaur Dung)(091022x)

  • Name:  Coprolite (Dinosaur Poop) (Plant Eater) species
  • Age: Jurassic – 160 mil yrs
  • Location: Utah
  • Natural Fossilized Dinosaur Stool Specimen that is polished on one side, and in a nice pouch with ID info sheet
  • Specimen shows beautiful array of mineralized interior colors
  • This offer is for 1 specimen, 1 pouch, and 1 ID sheet
  • Great gift for kids, or for that hard to buy for friend who has everything.
  • For a more detailed explanation click here:
  • Price is for $28.00 

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