Solnhofen Fossil Horseshoe Crab with Tracks (021522g)


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Solnhofen Fossil Horseshoe Crab  with Tracks (021522g)

  • Name: Mesolimulus walchii (Horseshoe Crab)
  • Age: Jurassic Age -140 million yrs
  • Formation: Solnhofen Limestone 
  • Location: Solnhofen, Germany
  • *These sea animals became stranded in shallow tidal areas and where unable to make it back to the ocean. As the water evaporated and the salinity of the water increased they struggled across the sandy flats with their shell points leaving trails to their final resting place. This is basically a preserved image in stone of the creature’s last moments alive.
  • Nice Full Specimen with definitive death tracks – Has a Museum Grade metal & wood custom display stand
  • An “EXTRODINARY” Museum Quality  Display Specimen – A Centerpiece Specimen!!!
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