(010515b) Early Permian Reptile in Matrix


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(010515b) Early Permian Reptile in Matrix

  • Name: Mesosaurus
  • Age: Late Permian – 225 million yrs
  • Location: Brazil
  • This amazing plate was collected around 20 years ago and has been held in a private collection.

    It bears little resemblance to the few very poor and patched-up ones that are seen available for purchase today.

  • This Near Perfect specimen has one repaired crack and NO Restoration!
  • Mesosaurus was significant in providing evidence for the theory of continental drift, because its remains
    were found in southern Africa and eastern South America, two far away places. As Mesosaurus was a small
    freshwater organism, and therefore could not have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, this distribution indicated
    that Africa and South America used to be joined together. Indeed, all the world’s continents were joined into
    one supercontinent called Pangaea in the time Mesosaurus existed.
  • Super Nice Museum Quality 10++

    **** $2800.00


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