(020415x) Pterosaur “Flying Dinosaur” Skull


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(020415x) Pterosaur “Flying Dinosaur” Skull

  • Name: Siroccopteryx moroccensis – Pterosaur
  • As there are few remainins of this species on record, we are identifying this specimen based on the size, features and known collecting
    locality. This is the known prominent pterasaur of this area.
  • A flying reptile that lived during the Cretaceous Period in what is now northern Africa. This animal grew to have a wingspan
    of 23 Feet but would only weigh around 37 pounds because it’s bones were hollow.
  • Research shows that this animal was able to flap it’s wings and fly like modern birds.
  • Although full articulated skeletons have been found, the teeth are the most common fossil remains of this animal.
  • This is a Complete 3 Dimensional Skull with around 40% reconstruction (this was necessary due to the very fragile nature of these type skeletons )
  • Age: Cretaceous (100 million yrs)
  • Location: Taouz, MoroccoSpecifics:Very Nice Impressive Skull with custom made stand and baseExtremely Rare Museum Grade SpecimenFor a more detailed explanation click here: >
    click here
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