Dinosaur Foot Claw (020421k)






“Rare” Alvarezsauridae Dinosaur Foot Claw (020421k)

  • Name: Alvarezsauridae Dinosaur – Foot Claw & Digit
  • Age: Cretaceousc Age -100 million yrs
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Dawson County, Montana
  • Total Length of claw and digit is 1&5/8 inches  
  • Alvarezsauridae is a family of small, long-legged dinosaurs. Although originally thought to represent the earliest known flightless birds, a consensus of recent work suggests that they evolved from an early branch of maniraptoran theropods. Alvarezsaurids were highly specialized. They had tiny but stout forelimbs, with compact, bird-like hands. Their skeletons suggest that they had massive breast and arm muscles, possibly adapted for digging or tearing. They had long, tube-shaped snouts filled with tiny teeth. They may have been adapted to prey on colonial insects such as termites.
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