Ankylosaur Dinosaur Tail Bone– (052820c)


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Ankylosaur Dinosaur Tail Bone– (052820c) *On Temporary Hold for Avery

  • Name: Ankylosaur Dinosaur Tail Bone
  • Age: Cretaceous Age(180 Mil yrs)
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Specifics:
     Large & detailed 3 dimensional specimen
    Quality – Fair Specimen – Surface weather degradation 
     This is the last vertebrae towards the club end of the tail (Notice the bone extension)
  • Several repaired cracks, and some small chips missing 
  • Very unique specimen for the dinosaur and the location of the bone
  • Super  Display Specimen that has been in a private collection for over 20 years
  •  For a more detailed explanation click here:
  • Price is  $375.00   *On Temporary Hold for Avery

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