Archeria crassidisca – Permian Amphibian Foot (050223c)…..SOLD

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“EXTREMELY RARE” Complete Early Permian Amphibian “Archeria crassidisca”  – Foot (050223c)

  • Name: Archeria crassidisca – “Very Early Permian Carnivorous  Amphibian”
  •   * It was a medium-sized aquatic predator, with an elongated body and tail
  • Age: Permian/Pennsylvanian  (290 million yrs)
  • Formation: Moran Formation
  • Location: Windthorst, Texas
  • Actual foot from an Amazing specimen that few collectors or museums have due to their extreme rarity !
  • Specifics: One Complete articulated Foot from a Archeria crassidisca amphibian
  • Extremely Rare and very hard to obtain Museum Grade Specimen 
  • For a more detailed explanation click here: >(click here)
  • Individual bones are correctly assembled and are encased in a glass topped display box.
  • *(NOT GLUED, but can be glued together if desired (I would suggest us doing this for you before shipping),
  • *Some bones may move during shipping and need to be repositioned when you receive the specimen.
  • Includes stand, COA, and Free USA shipping – Collector Museum Grade 10+++++++
  • **** Price $6000.00.….SOLD 

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in