Captorhinus Permian Reptile Skeleton (073023a)




Rare Near Complete Permian Reptile Skeleton (073023a)

  • Name: Captorhinus aguti (Cope) “Early Land Reptile”
  • Age: Permian (250 million yrs)
  • Formation: Arbuckle Group
  •  Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
  • A small stocky omnivore that lived in groups inhabiting the lower areas of what is now Oklahoma. Large head with prominent teeth and a “third Eye hole” in the top of the head for sensing changes in light and temperature.
  • The specimen has been completely reassembled in a death-like collapsed pose. There has been minimal repair and restoration. The flat rock it is permanently mounted on is a fabricated faux stone.
  • This very detailed 3 dimensional specimen has been carefully and permanently assembled  safely and securely on this rock  
  • Specifics: Very Nice Impressive Specimen,  Brass ID plate, COA, and a very detailed University of Kansas research manual included
  • Extremely Rare and very hard to obtain Museum Grade Specimen 10+++
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  • **** Price $3200.00    

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in