Carnivorous Mammal Coprolite (122621a)




Carnivorous Mammal Coprolite (122621a)

  • Name: Most likely from an extinct Giant Hog (Entelodont)
  • Age: Miocene Age 20 million yrs
  • Location: Upper central Florida
  • Near perfect, and intact fossilized stool
  • *Possible identification based on overall obvious carnivore features,  overall size (circumference), and on identified embedded insect parts . These features say the animal that left this weighed over 200 pounds, and was a meat eater or omnivore.  The time period fits, as does the size of the animal, as does the fact that hogs will eat whatever they can catch, including a large beetle. 
  • There has been NO repair or restoration 
  • Very Dramatic Specimen !
  • Identification sheet & stand provided. 
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