Complete Mustela Skull (Weasel-like animal) (050423g)

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Impressive Complete Mustella Skull (050423g)

  • Name: Mustela ewersomanni (Weasel-like animal)
  • Age: Pleistocene – 100,000 yrs
  • Location: Ural Mountains,  Ural,Nishni-Tagil, Russia
  • * While collecting prehistoric cave bear bones, occasionally the remains of the Mustela are also found. It is assumed that the animal was in the cave scavenging on any scraps of food the bears might have left or possibly on dead bears.
  • These specimens are nearly impossible to find today. This one has been in a personal collection for over 20 years. 
  • The skull has been hardened and glued together in the open mouth position
  • No repair or reconstruction 
  • Excellent Quality Display Specimen
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Weight 4 lbs
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