Deinosuchus Front Leg Bone (104722b)… ON HOLD for Avery


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Deinosuchus Front Leg Bone (104722b)

  • Name: Deinosuchus  (Alligator/Crocodile like massive animal)
  • Age: Cretaceous Age 70 mil yrs
  • Formation: Pee Dee Formation
  • Location: Bladen County, North Carolina
  • The outer most bone of the front leg – (Fibula)
  • Although there were a few dinosaurs in the area, very scant fossil remains have been found of them. This tooth is from a dinosaur size alligator/crocodile like animal that grew to the amazing size of 39 feet ! Cretaceous fossils of large Cretaceous Age predators in North Carolina are rare!
  • Specifics:
  • Repaired cracks but no restoration
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