Eryops – Permian Amphibian Foot (050223b)




“EXTREMELY RARE” Complete Permian Amphibian “Eryops”  – Foot (050223b)

  • Name: Eryops megacephalus – “Very Early Permian Carnivorous Land Amphibian”
  •   *genus of extinct, amphibious temnospondyls
  • Age: Permian (280 million yrs)
  • Formation: Nocona Formation
  • Location: Archer Country, Texas
  • Actual  front f00t from the an Erops! Amazing specimen that few collectors or museums have due to their extreme rarity !
  • Specifics: One Complete articulated Foot from one of the most well-known of all the early Permian land animals.   Every small child that ever played with toy dinosaurs remembers this as one their favorite four legged dinosaurs. .. A True Iconic Dinosaur Species .
  •  **(Technically not a true dinosaur but rather a carnivorous amphibian that went extinct 40 million years before the arrival of the first “true” dinosaur. 
  • Extremely Rare and very hard to obtain Museum Grade Specimen 
  • For a more detailed explanation click here: >(click here)
  • Individual bones are correctly assembled and are encased in a glass topped display box.
  • *All bones are lightly glued together, allowing the specimen to be handled when desired. 
  • *Should any bones detach during shipping they can easily be re-attached with a drop of glue
  • Includes custom metal stand and wood base acrylic display case, COA, and Free USA shipping – Collector Museum Grade 10+++++++
  • **** Price $4,300.00

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in