Fossil Fresh-water Stingray on Matrix Plate (042221a)

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Rare Large Fossil Fresh-water Stingray on Matrix Plate (042221a)

  • Name: Heliobatis radians (Female) (With fossil Diplomystus Fish)
  • Age: Eocene Epoch 40 million yrs
  • Formation: Green River Formation
  • Location: Kemmener, Wyoming
  • Fantastic Preparation – Super Impressive Display as Ray is embedded in a full fossil fern plate
  • Specimen has been backed with wood for durability and wall hanging if desired (Hanger is attached)
  • Beautiful Preservation and Presentation * Much better than Photos                                                                                                                                                                             
  • The ray has been inlaid into the plate and here has been some restoration, particularly on the small fin bones. This is common in most all stingray fossils as these bones are very fragile and often not complete when found.
  • Very Nice Specimen – Very Impressive !!!!!
  • Price is $3500.00  

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Weight 14 lbs
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