Fossilized Corals  (021121b)


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Unusual Fossilized Corals  (021121b)

    • Name: Favosites forbesi
    • Age: Silurian Age – 400 mil yrs
    • Formation: Waldron Shale
    • Location: Saint Paul, Indiana
    • Favosites is an extinct genus of tabulate coral characterized by polygonal closely packed corallites (giving it the common name “honeycomb coral”). The walls between corallites are pierced by pores known as mural pores which allowed transfer of nutrients between polyps. Favosites, like all coral, throve in warm sunlit seas, forming colorful reefs, feeding by filtering microscopic plankton with their stinging tentacles. The genus had a worldwide distribution from the Late Ordovician to Late Permian.
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